Physical geography

   The CamRanh Port is located 60 Km distance from the Nha Trang city in the South, that lives on the Cam Ranh Bay. It is assessed as one of the three best and most beautiful bays on the word. The bay is virtually surrounded by the Cam Ranh peninsula in the East and the mountain in the South. The two sea mouths communicate with the sea: Large Mouth and Little Mouth. The Cam Ranh Bay is about 60Km2 in area, average depth 18 - 30m, the silty_flow in harbour is not considerable. Owing to the island and is lets on the outside, therefore the Cam Ranh Bay is quite sheltered from the fierce winds and tidal waves.


The distance from the Cam Ranh Port to the North_South railway 3Km, the National Highway 1A 2Km, the international Cam Ranh Airport 20Km. The location of the port is situated in the central region of the coastal proviuces if the Southern Central VietNam and other Western highland provinces.